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Herbalife Business Opportunity

The Work from home Herbalife business opportunity is acknowledged as being one of the most lucrative in the world

Please watch and listen to this short Herbalife video presentation. 

3 reasons why the business is so successful

1:  Internationally the company has grown from a $2 million a year business to more than $4 Billion+ a year business in less than 30 years.

2.  Herbalife is one of the largest companies in one of the fastest growing industry's in the world today - the Wellness Industry.

3. We already have millions of satisfied customers in more than 72 different countries.

Work from home summary - the benefits on offer:

  • Work from home starting part time.

  • Easy and proven step-by-step growth.

  • Choose your own hours.

  • Low start up costs.

  • Some of the worlds highest demand products and services:- No sales experience required, and no door-to-door, catalogue-drops or telemarketing.

  • No area or country restrictions within 78 trading countries

You can switch on your speakers and listen to the testimonials below:

Click on the symbol at the bottom of each person's testimonial.

Graham and Claire (England)
''Our work from home income is £1,000 per month part-time'

Craig and Jacqui  (Scotland)
'Our work from home income was £100 ($175) in just our first week and £400 last month part time'

Steve and Sam  (England)
'Our work from home income in our first month was £200. Last month it was £1,000 part time'

"I'm able to work from home around my son, and really excited about the growth in my income".

Siobháin & Ken  (Ireland)
"Our work from home income was €880 in our very first month and over €4,000 per month within a year".

Ron  (Scotland)
''My work from home part time income increased from £150 in my 1st month to £600 in my 6th month".

Tina  (England)
'My work from home income was £300 in our first month part time'

Anna & Barry  (Ireland)
"Our work from home income grew from €400 in our first month to €1,500 in our 4th month part time"

Karin (England)
'Our work from home income grew from £700 in our first month part-time, to £4,000+ per month full-time'

(When considering or comparing business opportunities, please be aware that it is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved)

Which one of these circumstances best describes you?
  • You're in full time employment, and would like to start a part time business from home with the flexibility of developing an additional income that doesn't threaten your existing employment.
  • You'd like to earn an extra income from home to increase your lifestyle.
  • You'd like the opportunity to start your own business, with low start-up costs and a proven support system that teaches you exactly what to do, step-by-step.
  • You're currently in employment and would like start a part time business with a view to developing it into a full time enterprise.
  • You'd like to be in full control of your own business with no income limitations, no staff and none of the traditional 'headaches' of standard business structures.
  • You're a parent faced with the prospect of returning to work and having to pay very high day-care fees, who'd rather earn a regular income from home whilst looking after your children.

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